Word for word versions of your news coverage when you need it

We know that sometimes you have to have a copy of exactly what has been said about your organisation or industry. So we can provide you with a timely transcript service for any radio or television news item.

We also attend, record and transcribe more than 100 press conferences and media door stops each month, making this content available to you all around the region. Alternatively, if you have a recording you would like us to transcribe verbatim, our team can do that too. We transcribe over a million words per month, with 50% of orders transcribed within 30 minutes.  

Share key transcribed or recorded media conferences with your team

Keep everyone on the same page with concise, verbatim transcripts of your key spokespeople or people of interest. Our transcripts will make sure your organisation doesn't miss a word, so you can respond or disregard accordingly. 

Receive the exact coverage you need, based on your requirements

Maybe your CEO was interviewed for 20 seconds as a vox pop, or involved in a 20 minute segment on Sky Business News. We can transcribe the specific segment, including or excluding any parts, based on your request. 

Customise your clips or product compilations for event or presentation use

Sharing our transcripts with your team and organisation is made even easier when they are customisable with company logos, templates, and executive summaries. We will endeavour to equip you with the tools and information you need to succeed in company communications. 

Easy to digest and circulate formats viewable on all devices

Our transcripts are sent via email as a Word document, making them mobile-friendly and accessible across tablets and desktops too. 

It’s easy to organise through your account team, or you can also purchase direct from your Media Alert service.


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