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Social Media Monitoring Module

Mediaportal's Social module offers complete social media intelligence, utilizing social media monitoring and analytics software to track & measure your social activity and influencers easily. 

We've developed social media monitoring tools that track millions of sources with a focus on local content giving you access to any or all of Social Networks, Blogs, Forums, Q&A sites, Images and Videos, depending on your monitoring requirements. Plus our social media analytics software fully integrates into your Mediaportal dashboard for inclusion in report development.


Social media channels are now totally integrated in the news cycle, both instigating news but also turbo boosting other media items and often sending them in a completely different direction. It’s impossible to get an accurate picture of your media coverage without social monitoring, and that’s why we’ve incorporated it into Mediaportal.


Isentia tracks millions of sources with a focus on local content, using a combination of RSS and other data feeds, as well as our own custom crawlers indexing social media sites in near real-time. Our Social module gives you access to any or all of social networks, blogs, forums, Q&A sites, images and videos, depending on your monitoring requirements.


Like all other media, your social content will be filtered and customised to your exact needs and developing issues, with full support from your Isentia account team. Live View in Mediaportal provides a continuous update incorporating social and traditional news outlets, so you can keep track of how an issue is developing across all media and respond quickly.


Mediaportal’s integrated analytics will enable you to incorporate your social media coverage into your dashboard and custom stakeholder reports, creating the only available platform that gives you a comprehensive view of your coverage trends across all media. So to make sure you don’t miss a thing, get Social in Mediaportal.


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