Media Alerts

Everything you need to know, delivered to you when you need it

Do you want to know exactly what is in the morning papers before they hit the news stand? Or make sure your boss has a wrap up of the days activity at precisely 6.03pm?

With Isentia’s Media Alerts you can set this up and more. Set up alerts with the parameters that suit you and your business best. Don’t wait to be asked what’s happening, have this information at your finger tips as and when you need it.

Headlines linked to PDF or text clips with optional clip extracts

With an easy click , watch or read relevant mentions of your company and key figures, either summarised or downloaded in full. 

Access to content from over 78,000 broadcast summaries each week

Isentia monitors regional, suburban, capital city, and national media - so there's no need to worry about missing a beat or being caught off guard. You can access your alerts via email, RSS feeds, or even text messaging, making them mobile friendly and ready when you are. 

More than 25,000 online sources for real time news

The world wide web is a melting pot of information, so let us alert you to the news you need in real-time, rather than spending your day sifting through the entire ecosystem. Isentia delivers more than eight million alerts every year.

Delivered in a variety of formats and customised with your logo, these alerts can be ready to go straight to team members or the C-suite with information sourced from the most comprehensive print, radio, TV and online news, as it happens, 24/7/365.