What are consumers saying about you on social media?

Social monitoring hands you the power to combine market research, a contact number and a suggestion box, in real-time, then supercharge it. These platforms are convenient and in demand among people airing their likes, grievances and opinions regarding companies and services.

This powerful tool allows you to quickly gain critical insight into your customers without the time and expense of traditional research, tapping into 250 million conversations unavailable in traditional media that can provide valuable insights to drive smarter business decisions.



Track mentions of your brand name or key spokespeople and figures across Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms, blogs, online news, forums, classifieds such as Gumtree, images on Google Images and Pinterest, and hundreds of other sources.


Access social media insights on your competitors and stay ahead of the curve, getting a clear idea of where improvements or even profits can be made. 


Keep track of the online reputation of a product throughout the entire launch process, from prior to release or beta testing, to after care service.


Quickly uncover when complaints, recommendations or opinions about your company are being shared. You have a unique opportunity to respond in real time and improve consumer relations.


Use social media monitoring to identify key trends on relevant platforms and discover valuable insights, including sorting top influencers to help push your campaign further.

Isentia.buzznumbers completes the media picture, ensuring you don’t miss out on the fastest moving news source.


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