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Why keeping track of your coverage and proving ROI is more important than everIn today’s busy world, information is transmitted throughout a variety of online and offline channels. Newspapers, magazines, blogs and social media are just a small selection of outlets by which news spreads at a rapid pace. The importance of... continue reading
Five things to consider before putting together a social media campaignWhen it comes to creating a successful social media campaign, there are some important dos and don'ts to keep in mind. The Call of Duty twitter campaign that took place in Singapore is a prime example of an idea that didn't quite work out the... continue reading
Insights: 3 reasons why you need qualitative analyticsIn many ways, big data is the perfect embodiment of the information age. Across Asia Pacific and around the world, organisations operating within a range of sectors are collecting trillions of ones and zeroes that measure just about every metric... continue reading
Top 8 reasons why your social audience isn't growingWhile traditional channels such as print, television and radio will always be an important part of any communications strategy, in recent years social has proven itself to be a worthy addition to these long-standing media distribution titans.   In... continue reading
4 tips for containing a PR crisisWhile some celebrities might suggest there's no such thing as bad publicity, the tired old phrase rarely rings true when it comes to those operating outside the entertainment world.   Understanding the dangers of a PR crisis   Whether it's recalling... continue reading
Maybelline Case Study - Relaunch of Hyper Sharp Eye Liner
Maybelline Case Study - Relaunch of Hyper Sharp Eye Liner

Maybelline launched its Hyper Sharp Liner in Hong Kong using Isentia social insights and the product quickly became the brand’s No.1 liner.

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2015 BeFest Awards
2015 BeFest Awards

Isentia Two Social was a finalist in three award categories, including Content Company of the Year, at Mumbrella's 2015 branded entertainment festival.

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The 7 deadly sins of writing a press releaseFrom multi-national corporations to local government bodies, a press release is the bread and butter of any organisation. It's the primary vehicle for delivering to the myriad journalists scanning both the digital and paper world for tidbits of... continue reading
Why your organisation needs video contentVideo is quickly emerging as one of the most important weapons in a PR pro's arsenal. The dynamic nature of the medium and its ability to engage audiences on both a visual and aural level opens up a world of possibilities that text-based PR campaigns simply... continue reading